Candle Holder with Flowers

Springtime dekoration for a candle

All you need:
red, orange and yellow Scoubidou leftouts
silver aluminium wire
silver wire
3 glass bead
1 candle
Candle holder How to do:
At first you sam the wood like a leaf. Put on the candle and mark 3 points for holes around. Now bore the holes. Polish the leaf and paint it. Take 5x 1 inch scoubidouband and fill in the wire. So you can make a flower, fix a glass bead inthe center. You need 3 of them. Cut 3x 12 inch aluminium wire, fix it in the holes and form it around the candle. The end of the wire turn around the corner and fix the flowers. Take care of the candle, the flowers have to be far enought from the flame! Also have a look when the candle burns!

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