Door Keeper Elf

All you need:
thick ply wood ca 14 x 10 inch
thin ply wood rest
black water proof felt-tip
1 wooden stick
How to do:
At first copy the pattern 1 on the thick wood. saw and polish it. Then you fraw the outlinies and paint the elf with colors. Bore a hole for the stick in the border of the elf's hand. Bore also a little hole in the stick to fix the nylon. Now glue the stick into the hand's hole. After drying you can draw all outlines with the felt-tip.
Take the thin wood and copy the pattern 2 on it. Saw and polish it too. Paint it. Now you have to bore little holes through the flowers and the butterfly to hang up. Take the nylon and fix all parts with the fishing rod. flowers
pattern 1
pattern 2
pattern 2

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