Swinging Flower

wooden Flower for Springtime

All you need:
thick ply wood ca 8x 12 inch
thick green wire
1 wooden bead
small rod
big wooden disc
How to do:
Copy the pattern on the wood and saw 3 leaves and 1 blossom. Paint all leaves, the stick and the disc with green color. The blossom paint with white color. Drill small holes into the side of blossom and the middle of the disc. Cut 2x 1 inch from stick. Glue the sticks into the holes. Now wrap the wire around the stick. Put the spring from the stick and pull it on the discs-stick. Now glue all leaves around it. Glue also the wooden bread on the blossomsstick. After drying pull the Bloosem with the stick in the spring

pattern pattern

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