Pumpkin Chain of Lights

How to do:
thick wood
thin ply wood
dark wire
small clothespins
chain of lights
How to do:
Copy the pattern1 , pattern2 , pattern3 , pattern4 to thick wood and saw. To saw the eyes, nose and mouth drill holes and saw then. Polish all
Paint with green and orange. Don't forget to paint the borders. Draw also stripes to each pumpkin.
Brush with dry black color all borders and draw the outlines and stripes with the felt-tip.
Copy leaves pattern to ply wood and saw it. Also polish it carefully. Paint with green color and brush the borders with black.
Wrap the wire around a pecil. Be careful to pull the wire from pencil! Then fix it on the leaves
You can wrap the wire around the stick or pinch it
Now glue all leaves on the pumpkins. After drying varnish all
Glue small clothespins at the back of pumpkins to hold the chain of lights
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