Door plate with your name

all family on the door plate

house All you need:
thick ply wood ca 10 x 10 inch
thin ply wood ca 8x 12 inch
small and normal popsicle sticks
1 small wooden sick
water proof varnish
water proof black felt-tip
How to do:
Copy the pattern for the house and the sign to the thick ply wood all other parts copy to thin ply wood. Saw all and polish it carefully. (for each children make one window into roof)Now paint all and brush the borders. Glue door, bush and roof. Cut the small popsicle sticks to make window frame. Glue them too. Now you can also glue the grass, a fence from popsicle sticks and the fowers. Drill a hole in the border of sign and house and glue a stick into. Fix the cloverleaf on the sign and varnish all. After drying you can label it.
pattern for
thin wood
pattern for
thick wood
pattern pattern

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