Door man ravens of stock of trees
All you need:
3 dark stock of trees with a diagonal cut
2 straw hat
thin ply wood
7 solid wire
black plumes
water proof black felt-tip
water proof varnish
raven little raven
Copy wing 1, wing 2, the picker and one flower to ply wood, saw and polish all. Paint them. Draw the face on the cut and glue the painted picker in the center. Drill two holes on each side of the stock of tree anlso drill hole into the wings. Wrap the wire around a pencil and pull the wire carefully from pencil. Fix the wound wire on each wing and glue it in the stock of tree. Also fix the flower with wire on a wing. Varnish all. Now glue some plumes on the haed and fix also a straw hat.
raven girl
Copy the wing 2 2x to the wood, also copy a flower. Saw and polish all carefully. Draw the face on the cut and paint wings and flower. Fix the wings like you do it by "little raven". Varnish all and fix some plumes and the flower on the head.
raven boy
You need wing 1 and wing 2. Copy the pattern and saw it. Aslo polish it. Paint the pieces and draw the face on the cut. Fix the wings like you do it before. Varnish all and fix teh plumes and the head.
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