Door plate with pumpkin and raven

Fence done with popsicle sticks

Material All you need:
7 big popsicle sticks
4 popsicle sticks
7 inch strip of wood
2 paper balls 0,8 inch
1 paper ball 1,2 inch
1 paper egg 1,2inch
yellow paper
black plumes
autumnal leaves
2 deco-mushrooms
2 small jiggle eyes
cobweb sequin
orange and black felt-tip
ev. water proof varnish

How to do:

Put 6 popsicle sticks in line and glue one other at the top third, make a fence. Trun around and fix the strip of wood on the bottom of the fence. Break the ends off 3 popsicle sticks and also break off one end from 4. popsicle stick.(=top) Glue them together to make a sign. While drying paint 2 different paper balls with orange colors (=pumpkin)The other paper ball and the egg glue together and paint it with black (=raven). Now you can paint the fence. Drill two holes in the fence to hang up with wire. Paint the sign and write a "wecome". Fix a pecker from yellow paper on ravens head, and glue also eyes and plumes. Arrange the leaves, sign, pumpkin and raven and fix all. At last thread wire to the holes to hang up.

sign and raven

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