what a gag, small spillikin from toothpicks

All you need:
31 toothpicks

How to do:
Mark 1 toothpick with a blue center. 5 toothpicks mark with three orange stripesand 5 with two yellow stripes. Also mark 10 toothpicks with tree green and 10 toothpicks with two red stripes.
Spillikin used 31 Sticks:
1 Mikado (blue) count 20 points
5 Mandarine (orange) ever count 10 points
5 Bonzen (yellow) ever count 5 points
10 Samurai (green) ever count 3 points
10 Kuli (red) ever count 2 points

1. Take all sticks in one hand and let them fall on the table
2. Now you have to get the sticks one by one.
3. Use only your fingers or tht Mikado or a Mandarin stick. Don't touch other stick, only the one you want to get!
4. With Mandarin or Mikado you can also trow the sticks.
5. You also can press one end of a stick to get them.
6. If you touch or move a stick you don't want to get, you loose them and the next player get his chance.
7. The player can stand up, but don't leave your place!
8. Note all your points, you wins with hte most points of all.

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