Edgesitter sleepy Bird

wooden bird have a rest on the board

Material All you need:
ca 8x12 inch wood
ca 8x12 inch ply wood
black felt-tip
bird How to do:
Copy from the pattern the body, a wing holder and the part of the leg on the thick wood. The wing, the foot, the pecker and the crown will be transfered on the ply wood. Saw and polish it. The part of the leg and the foot get a hole for the string. Now you can glue the wing holder with the wing on the body, also glue the part of the leg. Paint all. Arrange the picker and the crown and fix it. Cut ca 6 inch string and knot it on the foot, glue the other end into the part of the leg. Draw outlines and face with felt-tip and varnish all. B
pattern pattern

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