Towel Rack

under the sea, use clothespins to hang up your towel

All you need:

thick ply wood 12x 16 inch
thin ply wood
4 wooden clothespins
12 small jiggle eyes
black and white felt-tip
water proof varnish
How to do:
The base plate pattern is made up of two parts. Please print pattern and put together before copy to thick wood. pattern 1 and pattern 2Saw and polish it carefully. Draw the seabed and paunt like I'd done.

Now copy the pattern 3 to thin ply wood and saw it. Also polish all carefully. Paint the fish and the other sea dweller. Paint also the clothespins with blue color. After drying fix the jiggle eyes.
Glue a seahorse, a jellyfish and a fish on the bottom of each clothespins. Now you can fixx all parts (clothespipns and sea dweller) like I've done. At last varnish all Seepferd

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