Racing Car

Quick and easy, - bore, paint, glue and allready

all you need:
6 wooden disc Nr. 4 (wheels)
4 half-clothespin
1 oval wooden disc
1 wooden spit
1 wooden bead ca 15mm
black and colored felt-tip
How to do:
At first you bore holes into the 4 wheels. The other 2 discs are your wheels axle. So you bore holes for the spits. Paint the wheels and glue 2 wheels with a spits and the spits holder (disc) together. Now you can paint the bead. It will be the head from the driver. The oval disc will be your chassis, so you fix the complete wheels under it. Now the clothespins will become upper part, fix it. Paint the car and glue the head on it. Decorat it with the felt-tips

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