Alien "Uranus"

quick and easy

All you need:
3 wooden discs Nr. 4 (eyes + shoulder)
1 wooden disc Nr. 3 (neck)
2 wooden discs Nr. 2 (head + body)
1 wooden disc Nr. 1 (body)
1 wooden disc Nr. 0 (body)
1 big popsicle stick (legs)
4 inch aluminium wire (arms)
red funliner
silver felt-tip
black felt-tip
How to do:
Glue the body with wooden discs Nr. 0, 1 and 2. Bore through a small one (shoulder) a hole for the arms. Now you glue the eyes on the head. From the popsicle stick saw two piece of 1,5 inch(= feet). Glue all parts to an alien together and paint it with blue and silver. Put the wire arms into the hole and form the ends. Now you can draw the outlines, big eyes and a very big open mouth. At last you can also dekorate the alien with the felt-tips.

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