Alien "Venus"

Nothing is easier!

All you need:
4 wooden disc Nr. 4
1 wooden disc Nr. 3
1 wooden disc Nr. 2
1 wooden oval
1 toothpick
2 pink bead cube
wire (aluminium)
colored felt-tips
How to do:
Take a small disc for the neck and bore in the middle of the disc and through the border (for the arms)a hole. Also bore a hole in the border of an other small disc (=head). Now cut the toothpick and glue 1 inch between neck and head disc. The oval will be glue on the head. The other disc are body and legs. Glue them together. (have a look at the photo). Now paint all. The cube will be the eyes, so you glue thme at the head. Now draw outlines and face with the felt-tips.


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