Birthday Cake

Don't eat! It's only a candle holder
All you need:
8 wooden clothsepins
4 big wooden beads
4 wooden beads
ca 10x10 inch thick wood
red Pety-heards
8 birthday candle
tooth picker
colored felt-tips
birthday cake
How tod o

Copy the patternto the wood (copy also the marks) Saw it and drill the marked dots. Polish all carefully and paint all with white color. Splitt all wooden beads in half (use a chisel). Drill in the splitting side of beads centered small holes and glue littel parts of tooth pickers into. Paint all beads. Glue also 8 tooth pickers into the drilled holes of the cake (center of clothespins)and cut them (only 0,5 inch looks over the cake)Paint the clothespins with white color. Now put the clothespin on the picker (clip) and glue an small bead with picker in the holes by the clothespins. (now the clothespins can't slip away but you can open it)Glue also the big beads between clothespins and decorate all. Now varnish all and clip the candles with the clothespins.
birthday cake


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