Colored Necklet

All you need:
14 parts of wooden clothespins
strong nylon
necklet closing
colored sequins
colored felt-tips
colored beads
How to do:
Drill 9 parts of chlothespins little holes through the top round part and for 5 clothespins two holes through top and middle of clothespins. Now paint all with red color. Take a ca 24 inch nylon and fix one closing part. Get many beads on the nylon for ca 4 inch. Now take at change 5 beads and one clothepins, at first 4 clothpins with one hole, then 3 with two holes and again 4 clothepins with one holes. Afterwards take 4 inch beads and the other part of necklet closing. Then get a nylon through teh 3 clothespins in the middle, also take beads and two more clothespins. Between this two clothespins fix the last one, also wiith beads. At last decorate all with sequins and felt-tips.

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