Egyptian Necklet

All you need:
24 parts of clothespins
necklet closing
golden and blue colors
golden paint stick
How to do:
Drill 14 parts of chlothespins little holes through the top round part and for 10 clothespins two holes through top and middle of clothespins. Paint 8 clothespins with one hole and 6 with two holes with gold. All other paint with blue color. Take a 24 inch nylon and fix the necklet closing. Thread at change a golden and a blue clothespin. After the 7. clothespin thread a blue with two holes, then two golden with two holes and again a blue with two holes. Now thread 7 ones like before. Fix the other part of necklet closing at the end. Then thread the other clothespins like I've done(have a look at the photo)between the middle clothespins. At last decorate all with the paint stick.

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