Plant Poke Peacock

Isn't it a nice gift for motherday?
All you need:
1 wooden disc
1 big wooden bead
1 small wooden bead
24 parts of clothespins
16 inch strong wire
yellow foam rubber
2 wooden sticks
water proof colored felt-tips
wood glue
How to do:
At first glue ever two parts of clothespins by blanc side together. Drill in the wooden disc 2 holes for the sticks (legs) Now glue the clothespins around the wodden disc (attention, don't glue some clothespins at the holes!)Part the big wooden bead with a chisel in half and drill a small hole in the center. Glue it onto the wooden disc. While drying you can paint the small bead as head, cut a pecker from the foam rubber and fix it. Paint also the body and two sticker (legs, decoratet them with the felt-tips. Fix the legs into holes. Twist the wire around a pencil and glue one end into the bodys hole. The other end thread through the head, fix and form it.

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