Bee from egg

lovely bee for Spring or Easter

All you need:
1 blown out egg
1 big wooden disc
ca 8 inch thick stick
2 brown pipe cleaner
some Deco garland
hot glue

How to do:
Two thirds from egg are the body, you paint it with stripes of yellow and brown. The other part only paint yellow. This part is aslo the head, drwa the face on it. Now form the wings from the pipe cleaner and fix it with hot glue on the back. Cut the second pipe cleaner in two halves and form feeler with one part. Also fix the feelers on the head.
Drill a hole into the wooden disc, big enough to get the stick in. Glue the stick on the disc and fix the bee on the other side of stick with hot glue. Now decorate the stick with garland of leaves.

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