Spectacle Case

Nice and easy gift
All you need:

8 popsicle sticks
thick ply wood rest
spectacle case
How to do:

Copy from the pattern the small part 4 times to ply wood. Saw and polish it. Drill In one popsicle 2 tiny holes for the wire. Cut a piece of wire long as the distance between the holes plus 0.4 inch for each side. Put the wire into the holes and bow the ends back. Now glue 4 popsicles between 2 wood pieces. Let all well dry. Cut 2 stripes from the washleather 0.6 inch. The rest cut for the inlay. Make a small hole at the end of the leather srtipes and put it to the wire. Glue it strong around the two halves, donīt glue the last popsicle. After drying glue the inlay it is also used as hinge .
spectacle case
spectacle case

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