Advent wreath from wooden spoons

spoon All you need:
4 wooden spoons
4 wooden circle
1 square timber 6x6cm(2,3x2,3 inch) ca 10cm(inch) long
4 tea candle and 4 small glases
ggf. plastic advent wreath
ggf. 3-D gluepads
How to do:
First gauge the spoon handle and drill holes as like into the middle of the square timber about 1 inch from the bottom. Paint th espoons in green and the timber and rings  in red.After drying varnish all. Glue a ring to the spoon. Tie a ribbon to the timber like a gift pack and score over the holes and fix the robbonwith glue. Glue the spoons into the holes and decorate with the advent wreath. Fix the glases with the gluepads.



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