Countdown Elk

Count every day until Christmas

Material All you need:
thick ply wood 8 x 12 inch
thin ply wood rest
square timber 0,6 inch
red bow ribbon
golden piant stick
black felt-tip
How to do:
Copy thepattern to the wood and saw it carefully. Polish all and paint it. Next cut the package from the wood. Drill a hole to the package and next you can cut out the inner. After polish paint it and decorate with the bow ribbon and on top a bow. Cut the mouth from the thin ply wood, polish and paint it. The outlines you can extract with the felt tip. Next glue the mouth to the head. Take the ply wood 0.25 and cut 4.7x 2 inches for the bottom cut, polish and paint it. From the square timber cut 2 cubes polish and paint them. Inscribe the bottom and glue the elk flush on it. Inscribe the cubes ( cube 1 with numbers 0 1 2 3 4 5. the second 0 6 7 8 1 2 )and place them into the present.

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