Angel Mobile

3 lovely Angels

All you need:
thick ply wood ca 12 x 8 inch
thin ply wood ca 12 x 8 inch
wooden disc Nr. 1
round timber 12 inch
3 sticks 8inch
black fekt-tip
How to do:
At first copy the 1. pattern the thick ply wood, the 2.pattern to the thin ply wood. Cut all pieces carefully out and polish them all. Paint now the bodies and glue the bodies and the wings. Drill 2 small holes in the disk and glue 2 sticks into the holes. Drill 2 small holes on top and base of the disk for fixing. Also drill holes in the top of the angel heads. Drill in the small pieces like hands small holes, after it glue the hands. Through the hole on the hand fix a wire 6 inches and at the other end a small pieces ( photo). Cut about 16 inches nylon and fix with angel head. Before fixing glue a piece of rope for hair on the head fix with the nylon. The other end of nylon fix with the mobile. At last paint the faces and decorate with the sequins and glitter.

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