Angel with tea candle

Children can tinker this sweet angel
All you need:
thick ply wood 8 x 12 inch
thin ply wood rest
2 small wooden discs
aluminium wire
silver wire
fluffy wool
tea candle
golden glitter crayon

How to do:
Copy the pattern draft and saw it carefully. Paint the cloud in blue and white. The angel and wings paint silver and skin coloured. Cut the stars and the heart out from the thin ply wood, polish and paint them.
Drill 2 holes into the disks and the bottom of the angel for legs. Drill also a hole into the head to fixing hairs and one hole into the cloud and into the stars. Glue the wings decorate the angel and fix some fluffy wool with the wire and glue it on the head. Let rest some wire for a gloriole. Cut two 1.6 inches pieces from the aluminium wire and glue them to the feet and the bottom of the angel. Take from the flower wire 3 inch long pieces double at the ends and put it into the holes of the clouds and the stars. Label the heart and fix it with the wire. At last glue the tea candle

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