Sunlounger for Barbie

Now Barbie bathe in the sun with this lovely sunlounger
All you need:
12 popsicle sticks
strip of wood
thick ply wood rest
4 tiny screws
white felt-tip
how to do:

Copy the patternto the wood and saw two legs. The popsicle sticks cut at both ends straight to a length ca. 5 inch. Paint the popsicle sticks like the photo. Cut the strips in 2 pieces 9.5 inch, 3 pieces 4.8 inch ,1 x 4 inch and 1 x 3,2 inch, polish and paint white. Between the long strips glue at one end the 4 inch and at the other end glue under the 4.8 inch strip. From the last strips glue a U. From the back go 2.4 inch and drill a tiny hole. Put the U to the strips and screw it with not to strong. Glue 5 popsicles sticks to the screwed piece and 7 to the other strips. Take care that the top is moveable. At last glue the legs, let the screws reachable

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