Snowman Mobile

Family Demonstration

Mobile All you need:
thick ply wood 8x 12 inch
thin ply wood rest
1 wooden disc Nr. 1
1 round timber 12 inch
3 sticks 8 inch
8 dark buttons
ev. sequins

How to do:
Copy the parts from pattern 1 to thick wood, and the pattern 2 to the thin wood. Cut all pieces carefully out and polish them all. Paint now the bodies in white and the base in black and let them dry. Next brush the borders with little bit of blue. Paint the small pieces. Drill two holes in the wooden disk for the sticks and glue them into the disk. Make small holes into the disk and sticks for the nylon and paint all. Glue the buttons after drying to the bodies. Drill some small holes into the shields and the snowman arms. Paint the shields as like as the snowman. Make now small holes in the snowman for the nylon and fix them with the frame.

pattern 1 - - - pattern 2

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